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CaseMark's ChatGPT is an AI-powered Word Add-in revolutionizing legal workflows.

Leverage the power of AI and ChatGPT within your existing workflow, summarize web pages, extract key insights, generate filings, & more.

Introducing CaseMark Productivity Tools, an AI-powered Chrome Extension designed to revolutionize legal workflows. Our productivity tools for Chrome make it easy to quickly summarize and cite text from your selection, website or tab and integrates seamlessly with our Microsoft Word Addin.

With CaseMark, legal professionals can streamline document creation, automate repetitive tasks, and enhance collaboration, driving productivity and quality in their legal work.

Ideal for law firms, legal departments, and insurance companies, the CaseMark tools empower users to effortlessly access a vast collection of case filings, ensuring comprehensive legal research capabilities. Seamlessly cite relevant case law specific to their jurisdiction, saving time and effort.

Privacy and data protection are paramount, and the CaseMark platform ensures secure handling of sensitive information, complying with local privacy regulations. Experience the future of legal efficiency and unlock the full potential of your legal workflows with CaseMark.

CaseMark Productivity Tools for Word is a free tool offered to legal professionals. We do offer an integrated service for advanced summarization and workflow automations that can be found via the "Summarize" tab in the Addin. We offer monthly and annual subscription plans. Please contact us for volume discounts or group purchases.

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