Pigment Connector for Excel


With this add-in, easily retrieve data from your Pigment Application, directly into your spreadsheet

Pigment Connector for Excel: the power of Pigment and the flexibility of Excel

Leverage the full potential of Microsoft Excel while accessing Pigment’s powerful suite of planning capabilities.

Seamlessly integrate with spreadsheets and empower teams across Finance, Sales, and HR to streamline their planning processes and unlock new levels of efficiency.

With this new add-in, organizations can add another asset to their planning tool belt, making them fully equipped to make informed decisions and drive sustainable growth.

This add-in can only be used by existing Pigment customers that have purchased licenses. To learn more about Pigment, please visit

How to use Pigment Connector for Excel:

  • Download the extension.
  • Open a new workbook and connect to your applications
  • Refresh data with one click!

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