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Automatically review and redline your contracts using your company's preferences

Using AI, Pincites automatically reviews and redlines contracts using a company's preferred guidance, right in Microsoft Word.

Our AI solution identifies risks and offers guidance to streamline contract review and negotiation across internal teams. Pincites focuses users on critical contract sections and aligns those sections with their company’s approved terms.


  • A central place for legal teams to define standard guidance. Legal teams can use AI to create playbooks that are then embedded in Microsoft Word for easy access by any internal team.
  • Risk oversight where it’s needed. Pincites flags deviations from the company’s preferred language and categorizes each by risk level, alongside the company’s guidance on how to address the issue.


  • Accelerate sales negotiations and reduce legal risk.
  • Enable non-legal teams to securely process contracts, while freeing up legal teams to focus on more critical matters.
  • Train junior associates on company standards.
  • Standardize contracting language across the organization—or at least know when and why a term deviates.

Pincites for Microsoft Word is your trusted second set of legal eyes to confidently sign an agreement.

Pincites for Microsoft Word requires a paid Pincites subscription. Set up your subscription by visiting or contacting us at

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