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AI mental health app, transforming the way employees and organisations address mental health issues.

Simpatico's AI-powered mental health support for workplace well-being and wellness, within Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365.

Introducing Simpatico, the Conversational AI Mental Health Application designed to transform the way employees and organisations address mental health challenges. With Simpatico, users can engage in anonymous and personalised conversations, access self-assessment tools, and receive actionable insights. Seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, Simpatico offers a secure and convenient solution for improving mental well-being in the workplace. Our advanced AI technology ensures non-judgmental support and scalability, while providing organisations with anonymised analytics and reporting dashboards. Join the mental health revolution with Simpatico and empower your workforce for greater well-being and productivity.

Our advanced AI technology ensures non-judgmental support and scalability, empowering organisations with anonymised analytics and reporting dashboards. Inspired by Simon Kinsella, a renowned corporate psychologist, Simpatico harnesses the extensive capabilities of the Mesh Ai Conversational AI engine, developed over 5 years of dedicated research and development, to combat the global "mental health pandemic."

Key Features and Benefits:

AI-driven Conversational Platform: Simpatico enables users to engage in personalised conversations about their mental health challenges, providing a humanised and non-judgmental experience.

Comprehensive Self-Assessment Tools: Users can access diagnostic tools, tips, and resources to understand and manage their mental health better.

Workplace Psychological Risk and Satisfaction Surveys Simpatico's solutions assess psychological wellbeing through surveys, addressing concerns, and fostering a healthy work environment. Resources, assessments, and adjustments lead to increased satisfaction and productivity.

Actionable Insights: Simpatico provides anonymised analytics and reporting dashboards for organisations, offering visibility into the mental health of their workforce and actionable insights for intervention and support.

Simpatico Advantage:

Unique Value Proposition: Simpatico's anonymous and personalised conversations set it apart from existing tools, making it more approachable for users.

Integration with Microsoft Teams: Simpatico benefits from its partnership with Mesh Health and Microsoft, providing access to a large user ecosystem and facilitating market penetration.

Pricing Strategy: Simpatico adopts a competitive pricing strategy, offering various subscription options to scale with an organisations uptake. The model is per user per month, sold through the Microsoft Market Place to provide a global payment and procurement process.

In summary, Simpatico is a cutting-edge Conversational AI Mental Health Application with a unique value proposition, targeting the workplace mental health market. With its personalised approach, actionable insights, and strategic partnerships, Simpatico is poised for growth and success in meeting the increasing demand for mental health support in organisations.

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