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Markup by DraftWise is our latest generation of AI tools that meet lawyers where they work – in Word

With Markup by DraftWise, you improve the quality of your review and catch critical issues you may have missed sooner. DraftWise’s leading generative AI platform takes the first pass of the agreement and surfaces issues from your client’s perspective, flagging unfair counterparty terms and highlighting positioning they are willing to concede.

Powerful AI Features

  1. Identify issues or positions that may be unfair to your client, and resolve those issues using your company's deal history and institutional knowledge
  2. Identify deviations in an agreement from a template, playbook, or precedent, and resolve those deviations using your client’s preferred language
  3. Summarize the impact of an opposing firm’s mark-up, auto-accept, and auto-reject positions, and then find the best language to negotiate the remaining contentious points
  4. Expedite client communications by using DraftWise to summarize important concepts and obligations in an agreement or answer specific client questions

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With the DraftWise platform, lawyers can effortlessly access their firm's entire cumulative knowledge and data directly in Microsoft Word. Top global firms, including the Vault10, AMLaw 100, Magic Circle, and Seven Sisters, use DraftWise every day to meaningfully understand, review, and negotiate contracts.

Markup by DraftWise is part of a subscription plan. If you would like to use Markup by DraftWise then please email

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