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Display up to 5 separate axis values each with their own series type spanning column, line, spline

The xViz Multi-Axes Chart (also a dual axis chart) as the name suggests provides the options to display multiple values on the different Y-axis (max 5). For example, you can visualize your sales ($), units (MT) and average selling price($) all at once in the same visual with each value having a separate axis. This way users can do correlation analysis and help analyze the factors driving the increase or decrease of other value.

xViz Multiple Axis Chart is free to use with all the PRO features unlocked in Microsoft Power BI Desktop. However, an additional purchase is required to use the PRO features with Power BI Service, Premium, or Embedded Scenarios. Learn more about our pricing plans for this visual and our xViz Suite at and learn more on this visual at

Listed below are some of the frequently requested features in idea place and Power BI community that are available with xViz Multiple Axis Chart

• 20+ Chart options – columns, area, line , Lollipop, stacked and clustered charts

• Set the number format specific to each data series

• Data label formatting per series

• Column Totals - Totals in Stacked chart

• Advanced Conditional Formatting

• Conditional formatting in legend

• Axis Label formatting – Rotation, Word Wrap and Skip Labels

• Reverse Axis – Invert X and Y Axis

• External URL- Pass parameters/ filters to external URL on click of series

• Deviation Bar – Compare variance across data points at runtime

• Marker Customization for Line family charts

• Series Pattern

• Series Reordering

• Interactive Legends - Show hide different series with single click

• Summary Table

In Summary, xViz Multiple Axes Chart provides the following key features,

• Multiple Y axes - Use up to 5 axes to meet your enterprise needs various Chart Types - Choose from 20+ chart types (line, column, area, spline, stacked column/area etc., ) to best present your data

• Conditional Formatting - Apply different colors to highlight data based on business rules as well as apply them on legends

• Data Series Customization - Customize from 10+ data series options to fit the available real estate

• Data Series Formatting - Configure series display including patterns, color, line, and marker

• Advanced Analytics and Statistics - Provide insights with deviation bar, error bars, reference lines, and bands

• Advanced Tooltip - Display additional data with a stacked chart or shared tooltip

• External URL - Navigate to external URLs by passing dynamic context and parameters

For any feature requests or questions about this advanced custom visual, please write to us at :

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