ZeroC: Emissions Management App

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SaaS for CO2-neutral building portfolios and sustainable facility management based on Azure & AI

By implementing ZeroC to optimize your emission and CO2 building management, you solve your regulatory and business challenges. At the same time, you position your company as a pioneer for sustainability and digitalization on the market.

With our SaaS Solution based on Microsoft Azure and ZeroC, you get both real-time monitoring of your energy and carbon footprint, as well as an optimization and simulation tool with corresponding recommended actions.

CEOs, CDOs, CSOs or Responsible for Sustainability with the following challenges benefit from our offer:

  • Compliance with legal regulations (GEG, ESG, EU taxonomy)
  • Lack of tools for efficient CO2 and energy management
  • Insufficient data basis for targeted action planning
  • Missing real-time key figures or simulation
  • High resource requirements for data collection, preparation and reporting

Customer benefit are:

  • Comprehensible visualizations of energy and emissions data
  • Clear recommendations for action to meet emission targets
  • Compliance with regulations and reporting requirements
  • One-click energy consulting and reporting - saves time, money and resources

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