Altia Compliance Cloud

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Isolated and PROTECTED workspaces for Intelligence, Defence and Law Enforcement.

Compliance Cloud. Altia's most advanced cloud service yet.

Compliance Cloud is a dedicated workspace for high-risk, regulated, intelligence or investigative, most mission-critical and sensitive workloads.

An isolated space where operations & PROTECTED material can reside in a completely secure environment, removing the legacy operating & capital expenses in securing services and data. Compliance Cloud is a subscription-based service, just like your favourite entertainment streaming platform. Surrounded by assurance, Compliance Cloud enforces 726 Security Controls independently assessed at a PROTECTED level as 100% effective, measured against the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) during InfoSec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) assessment.

Organisations can adopt the highest security benchmarks and embrace the mobility of remote work with high-risk confidence functions that can be performed off-site, removing the shackles from organisations that have been surpassed by industries that have adapted and benefited from hybrid work. With Compliance Cloud, your security posture in the workspace is the same at home or in a remote office as it would at your headquarters. Through any device, everywhere - Compliance Cloud follows. And as Compliance Cloud is a managed and isolated package, an organisation's IT resources no longer carry the specialist burden to maintain, monitor and support such critical operating environments - saving money, resources, and internal pressures.

Compliance Cloud delivers this unmatched security while providing PROTECTED access to all Microsoft Services, including Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and others, allowing user-friendly collaboration, sharing, communication and messaging normally restricted to consumers who aren't handling at-risk information - as agencies struggle to meet these 726 Security Controls. Meeting the information & cybersecurity standards required to combat today's modern threats to comply with regulatory frameworks is daunting. Organisations often crave a fresh start. Compliance Cloud is a fresh start. A zero-day and zero-trust baseline for your organisation to build a resilient future - without losing the past.

Secure by Design.
Altia's Compliance Cloud is built against global general security frameworks by Altia's specialist Cloud Security Architecture Team. In collaboration with Microsoft's FastTrack for Azure Engineers, every component was rigorously assessed, configured, and tested against the most common and unlikely threats.

Independently Assured.
The 726 controls safeguarding your workspace have been independently and rigorously assessed against the Australian Cyber Security Centre's Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) Assessment to ensure assurance and compliance with Australian Government Frameworks.

Unexpected Utility.
In addition to the peace of mind in complying with national benchmarks, leverage the utility of PROTECTED collaboration, sharing, archiving, secure messaging, and file transfer with specially configured Microsoft 365 Business Applications. With Compliance Cloud, efficiency isn't punished by security and control.

Unmatched Mobility.
Compliance Cloud brings today's hybrid-working world and security together, with the PROTECTED workspace's security framework following wherever mission-critical work is required. Access your highly valuable information by workstation, laptop, tablet, or phone. Headquarters or home - always secure.

Compliance in Hours, Not Years.
Meet your information & cybersecurity, human rights, privacy, and archiving obligations within hours, not years. We've done the work, so you don't have to. Compliance Cloud is 'off the shelf', and deployment-ready regardless of internal IT dependency.

Cost Certainty and No Surprise.
Investing in best practices is the beginning. Maintaining it is the debt. Compliance Cloud ensures ongoing cost-certain compliance with a subscription model not unlike consumer streaming services. No capital expense. No surprises.

Change Management, Managed.
Designed in collaboration with Microsoft, Compliance Cloud ensures end users can transition smoothly into a secure space without learning novel technology or tools. While end users will benefit from the modern interface of Windows 11, their daily process remains unchanged while interacting with the apps they love.


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