Argus Advanced Deforestation Monitoring Solution

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EU Deforestation Regulation compliance; leveraging advanced Machine Learning and satellite imagery


Advanced deforestation monitoring like never before.

Leverage Argus' state-of-the-art Machine Learning model and satellite imagery capabilities to accurately monitor for deforestation within your supply chain. Designed and built with the forthcoming EU Deforestation Regulation requirements front of mind, our solution enables businesses to certify their supply chains for deforestation at a level of accuracy never before seen within the GIS industry.

Modern regulation requires a modern solution.

Don't leave your business' compliance risk to solutions developed and designed using old technology from the last decade. The cost of non-compliance has never been bigger (up to 4% of EU-wide turnover & more), accurately reporting your deforestation due diligence obligations must be a priority.

  1. We leverage the European Union’s Copernicus SENTINEL-2 mission, which comprises a constellation of two polar-orbiting satellites placed in the same sun-synchronous orbit phased at 180° to each other, to access high quality satellite imagery with a high revisit time.
  2. We then apply our own custom Argus Pixel-level labels to determine forest cover segmentation using advanced machine learning neural networks – to a 99.6% accuracy.
  3. Our model then detects changes in forest cover — while ignoring seasonal patterns, nonhuman interventions, and more layers of obfuscation.
  4. Finally we apply a risk level (low medium high) with threshold distances from nearest deforested area.
  5. You access our findings via a report available on our Argus self-service digital portal.

Our solution can be harnessed out-of-the-box, or customised to the specific requirements of your organisation and its unique processes around deforestation compliance. Contacts us to explore the possibilities now.


Argus is a machine learning and satellite imagery analysis leader with a focus on creating digital tools that simplify and streamline public compliance across multiple industries Leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning techniques, combined with high revisit/high resolution remote satellite imagery to reduce compliance risk and inform business decision-making for customers.

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