Avanade Workplace Optimization Powered by Metrikus

Видавець: Avanade, Inc.

It’s time to do what matters: optimize your workplace for hybrid work & create efficient buildings.

Many workplaces are highly inefficient. That fact remains, whether it’s due to underutilized desks or meeting rooms, inefficiently heated or cooled buildings, or having an oversized real estate footprint that drives unnecessary costs.

These common challenges present an opportunity to optimize your workplace...Introducing Avanade Workplace Optimization Services, in partnership with Metrikus.

Our Workplace Optimization Services enable workplace leaders and real estate teams to understand the true utilization of their space and uncover opportunities to drive efficiencies and recover costs. Because we rely on occupancy and other data automatically gathered in real-time from the physical space, we enable an evidence-based approach in a hybrid working world. Teams can then better understand the right size and right shape for their spaces and eliminate inefficiencies and unnecessary costs.

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