Bluecrux - Axon - Digital Supply Chain Twin

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Axon is Bluecrux' state-of-the-art digital sc twin, powering the next generation of supply chains

As uncertainty and variability rises, supply chains are more complex than ever. Scattered and unconnected systems are no longer enough to effectively manage, understand and streamline those complex supply chains. Organizations need full end-to-end visibility on their supply chain.

Axon harnesses the power of digitalization & artificial intelligence to do just that. It pulls in, harmonizes and links all you supply chain data, which is now scattered in unconnected systems. This allows supply chain managers to:

  • Achieve full end-to-end visibility and performance for the entire network
  • Optimize decision making with probabilistic simulations
  • Move from insight to action with a comprehensive supply chain control tower

Axon clients have measured significant improvements in service levels, accuracy of master data and savings in inventory costs.

Axon is used by companies in a wide variety of industries (life sciences, cpg & chemicals). A pilot digital twin can be implemented in just 12 weeks.

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