Decisio™ Cloud for Energy Transition (C4ET)


AI-assisted, ‘whole systems’ energy transition, Net Zero modelling and decision-making.

Businesses are facing pressure to align with regulated and self-imposed environmental sustainability and decarbonisation objectives. It has become imperative that organisations establish clear pathways to achieving Net Zero emissions, while navigating the uncertainties of evolving regulatory, technology and investment environments. Decisio™ Cloud for Energy Transition (C4ET) – Whole Energy Systems Optimisation (Cost, Carbon & Connectivity) provides the digital adaptive planning capabilities required to profitably navigate your pathway to resilient, Net Zero Energy System.

Decisio™ C4ET takes a whole systems approach to energy transition, providing the digital and AI capabilities required to identify the optimal combination of investments, and timing, across the end-to-end Energy Value Chain. It empowers stakeholders with National, Regional, and Local planning and delivery objectives and responsibilities, to make better, faster, and more connected decisions. It employs data-driven analytics and AI to establish optimal energy transition pathways, course correct as input data improves, assumptions are refined, or policy/regulatory environments change.

A comprehensive solution for guiding strategic decisions at various levels of the energy landscape:

National Future Energy Systems: Facilitates the refinement of government policies/regulatory decisions, concurrently optimising impacts on Regional and Local energy plans. Decisio™ C4ET objectively evaluates diverse energy transition pathways based on cost and carbon emissions, while considering practical delivery constraints. Provides transparency, and fosters stakeholder collaboration, crucial for efficient Net Zero energy systems. It seamlessly assists Future Systems Operators with their Strategic Network Plans.

Regional Energy Systems Planning: Positions you as a leader by enabling adaptive plans aligned with National and Local strategies. Determines the optimal energy mix, as you transition to a targeted Net Zero Regional Energy System. Maximises policy incentives and avoids regulatory penalties using optimised recommendations. The cloud-based openness supports collaboration, while ensuring your operations align with evolving industry standards/opportunities.

Local Area Energy Systems: Provides dynamic spatial/temporal planning for achieving Net Zero Local Area Energy Systems. It emphasizes customisable pathways, best-practice methodology, financial compliance, transparency, and stakeholder control. Decisio™ C4ET aligns Local Area Energy Plans within National and Regional planning.

Smart Local Energy Systems: Serves as a key tool for developers, identifying synergies, facilitating stakeholder alignment, and ensuring optimized returns in the rapidly evolving landscape of renewable energy projects. Optimise solutions, both technically and commercially with effective modelling provided by Decisio™ C4ET.

Let’s hear about the impact on a few of our current clients:

  • Lowest Cost Pathways to Net Zero at UK National and Regional levels (optimal investment pathways).
  • Additional £110 million ($136 million) of infrastructure investment justified and secured from regulator.
  • Optimisation of 15-year gas mains replacement programme to reduce cost by decreasing the percentage of open cut replacement from 7% to 2% (network capacity of hydrogen ready).
  • Amplified the number of annual scenarios from 10s to 10 000+ using Mass Scenario Analysis, resulting in a step-change in network development insights and optionality for Hydrogen transition.
  • Prescribed the optimal capital investment/operating models to mitigate vulnerability, low probability, and high impact risk.

Decisio™ is Microsoft Azure cloud-native, ensuring scalability, performance, resilience, and security. ISO standard approved for data management and governance, ensuring robust user management and security.

Contact us today to set up a demonstration of Decisio™ Cloud for Energy and explore our suite of Digital Business Twins. The journey to achieving Net Zero begins here by clicking Get It Now.

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