Battle Road Atom Engine

Видавець: Carahsoft Technology Corporation

Leverage Carahsoft's contract vehicles to obtain Battle Road technology via private offer

Planet-scale simulation for the world’s most complex planning and operations challenges.

Atom Engine is a cloud game engine that operates at planet-scale to power the world’s largest and most complex simulations from logistics and supply chain to energy networks, disaster response, urban planning, defense applications, and many more. Atom Engine seamlessly scales in the cloud to efficiently simulate scenarios as large as a planet, down to use cases as small as a single vehicle, while allowing teams to collaborate, plan, and operate their scenarios in real-time via a shared persistent world user experience. Atom Engine runs completely in the cloud, meaning users won’t need to install any local software or employ expensive local PC hardware to use the platform.

Atom Engine’s integrated library of world content and real-world phenomena make it easy to create wholly new scenarios, environments, ecosystems, and digital twins via a robust toolset of cloud-based content authoring tools all running in Atom Engine.

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