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Optimize clinical operations with Cyntegrity's best-in-class Risk-based Quality Management solution

Whether you are a CRO or a sponsor, transform your clinical operations into a seamless and compliant process with the MyRBQM Portal, an AI-assisted, cloud-based solution for comprehensive risk-based quality management (RBQM) of clinical trials, suitable for all trial formats.

Cyntegrity’s GxP-validated, SOC2 (Type II) certified system, hosted on Microsoft Azure, provides robust security, scalability, and compatibility with all clinical data recording systems. The system is fully ready for thorough risk assessment and mitigation setup right out of the box. Expandable features such as KRIs, QTLs and patient profiles increase the functionality of the system when connected to a data source.

Get ahead of risk events with ML-driven predictive analytics

Leverage the power of built-in ML for advanced insights about potential risk events. With integrated ICH E6/E8-compliant workflows, genAI-assisted risk assessment, and built-in predictive analytics to prioritize data quality, reliability, and patient safety, our unique system offers customized solutions to cater to your trial's unique challenges and risk profiles. Out of the box, the system is fully ready for thorough risk assessment and mitigation setup, using lean-data technology to ensure cost-effective and reliable data analysis.

As life scientists and healthcare professionals, we understand that each clinical trial has unique challenges and risk profiles. That's why we've designed an end-to-end risk management solution that is flexible and caters to your needs, whatever they might be.

Key Out-of-the-Box Features*:
    • AI-assisted Risk Assessment & Mitigation
    • Centralized Statistical Monitoring
    • Issue Management with RCA and CA/PA functionality
    • Site Management and Study Risk Oversight
    • Role-based Access Control
* Does not require connection to a data source

Expandable Features**:
    • Key Risk Indicators & Quality Tolerance Limits
    • Subject (Patient) Profiles
    • Predictive Indicators for Clinical Milestone Planning
** Requires connection to a data source

What makes Cyntegrity unique

Being SOC2 (Type II) and ISO 27001 (2022) certified and as a leading provider in RBQM solutions, Cyntegrity offers expertise and functionality that exceed expectations and adheres to ICH E6 and E8 guidelines.

Every seat license purchase comes with a free voucher to our MyRBQM Academy RQBM Essentials - White Belt online course, enabling teams to learn RBQM fundamentals at their own pace.

Cyntegrity’s industry-proven expertise facilitates end-to-end risk-based quality management for your clinical trial data and patient safety.

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