EY Virtual Agent Platform

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24x7 support with zero wait time

Solution Overview
The EY Customer Care Virtual Agent, enabled by the Microsoft Cloud for Health, is packaged with pre-built customer care conversations. Each conversation consists of a pre-trained Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) intent classifier, which translates user utterances to:
  • Actions the user wants to perform
  • Pre-developed dialog flow that can be tailored to meet client-specific needs
  • Integration points for common enterprise systems including, Enterprise 
Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) The Virtual Agent provides customized conversations for common use cases in Power & Utilities (P&U) and healthcare industries. There are also plans to deploy this solution in other industries including, entertainment and 

Solution benefits
  • Business benefits
      • Accelerated virtual agent implementation with pre-built P&U customer care conversations
      • Reduced call cost — from ~US$14 to less than US$1
      • Increased first-call resolution rate
  • Customer benefits
      • 24x7 availability
      • Zero wait time
      • Increased customer satisfaction with quality responses to questions

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