Consumer Hub

Видавець: Fractal Analytics Inc.

AI-powered data mining of online chatter across digital media channels

ConsumerHub provides AI-powered data mining of online chatter across digital media channels.
ConsumerHub redefines the insight generation process enabling speed to insights. Analysis and competitive benchmarking that typically takes several months through traditional survey-based approaches is transformed to generate actionable information instantaneously. With increasing competition and advancement in analytics, leading companies are upgrading decades-old techniques for insight generation.

A one-stop-shop for collaborative opportunity identification:

  • Captures intent-driven micro-moments
  • AI and data-led decision making
  • Integrated Consumer, Category, and Brand stories
  • Learn and iterate

Ready to Go: Connectors into Twitter, Opoint, and others including custom internal & external data sources
Engineered for Scale: Micro-service based architecture built on secure & scalable Microsoft Azure
AI at the Core: Trainable algorithms to fine-tune insights and aspect-based sentiment analysis
HyperCare: Managed services, model tuning, collaborative roadmap planning

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