Ghost Nodes - Smart Integration of Everything

Ghost Labs AB

A hybrid, distributed integration platform with centralized device management and edge intelligence

The greatest challenge for next generation manufacturing businesses is connectivity and smart integration of everything. Whilst data security and central device management of distributed systems landscapes are fundamental to a well-functioning manufacturing estate, the digitalization the your field machinery need to be designed, tested, and scaled in a fast manner!

Be part of next generation Manufacturing.

With GHOST Nodes, we provide a hybrid and distributed integration platform embedding advanced analytics services at the endpoints and making integration and creation of distributed digital services simple and fun!

When Digital expert and developers become Heroes!

With Ghost nodes your team of Digital experts, architects and developers will deliver digital business solutions allowing you to:

  • Integrate anything anywhere with total scalability
  • Distribute multiple services delivering insights with the integration of advanced analytics and remote self-service updates
  • Increase productivity and reduce downtime centralizing all your devices and securely manage them from one single location.

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