Armour365: AI-powered Voice Biometrics

Видавець: Gnani Innovations Private Limited

Engineered to offer a touchless voice biometrics based authentication medium

Traditional identity verification and authentication systems in Customer Service machinery require users to provide PINs, dates, and passwords. This age-old method can be a cumbersome process often leading to a frustrating experience. AI-based Voice Biometrics Technology can help customers, employees and other categories of users access secured systems by simply using their “Voice”.

Our biometrics solution has been engineered to offer a highly secure, convenient, and seamless authentication medium for your customers. armour365 compares various elements and patterns from a user's voice, such as pitch, dialect, and tone. With the ability to automate ‘conventional verification processes’, armour365 can significantly bring down contact center costs and enhance customer satisfaction levels.

WHY armour365?

  • Authenticate in < 2 secs
  • Easy-to-integrate across devices and CRM systems
  • Available on various deployment models/channels
  • Flexible pricing plans


  • Language and text-independent: Recognizes unique voice patterns, phrases, and accents.
  • Highly secure and privacy compliant: Scans over 140 features of the human voice, making verification highly accurate.
  • Performance Optimization: Customers can self-serve and authenticate without engagement with a live agent.
  • Anti-spoofing Layer: Backed by a DNN-based algorithm to counter voice conversion, replay attacks, and voice synthesis 

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