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A location management solution for professionals on the move.

InfoDrops is a product by InfoBlocks that aims to empower professionals on the move with a location management solution.
Drop a pin and save your location!

The Challenge

Whether a sales representative or an engineer in the field, a consultant visiting clients or making site visits, location management is essential to all professionals on the move.

We all have often lost locations we wish we had saved. We have lost way too much time to situations where a simple solution like InfoDrops could have saved the day.

The Solution

InfoDrops is a simple solution that works. It resides on your phone and works offline. You can quick save a time-stamped location for later reference or save a categorized location to look up when you need to.

InfoDrops connects with your active directory and allows you to share with your colleagues, locations through your mailbox in-app, with a personal message for a personal touch.

You reach your client and need to email your manager to let them know? No need to save, simply share your location through the app’s quick actions.

InfoDrops is an easy-to-use solution to a problem that we tend to ignore but end up paying for with time, frustration and energy unnecessarily.

InfoDrops is a PowerApps mobile powered solution.


    • Quick Remember up to 20 locations for later reference
    • Save up to 100 locations with Title and Category for later reference
    • Send your current, remembered or saved location to a colleague via your outlook mailbox
    • Search your Saved locations based on title and category
    • Open, Send or Delete your Saved locations
    • Open, Send or Delete your Remembered locations
    • Quick actions:
      • Remember and Send your current location
      • Just Send your current location without saving
      • Open your current location in Google Maps
      • Save your current location then Send it to a colleague
    • Include a personal message while sending a location to a colleague
    • Saved and Remembered locations are time stamped
    • Saved and Remembered locations are accessible offline 

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