Interloop: Data Engine - QuickStart

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Configuration of the Interloop Modern Data Platform that is fueled by Microsoft Fabric

Interloop, fueled by Microsoft Fabric, offers a comprehensive solution and expert services aimed at transforming businesses into data-driven organizations.

The QuickStart is a one-time configuration of the Interloop Data Engine to support your unique needs. It is the foundational configuration for the Insights Automated solutions - FastDash, Smart Sync, CoPilot, Predict and BYOBI (bring your own BI).

The configuration of the Interloop Data Engine can typically be accomplished in 3 to 4 weeks.

Key Steps:

  1. Plan - Identify key use cases and the supporting systems, tables, fields, etc.
  2. Provision - Configure the Interloop platform to support the plan
  3. Connect - Connect to and from the systems to support the plan
  4. Extract - Load the data into the Interloop Platform
  5. Organize - Clean and unify the data so it is ready for use

  • This Quickstart pricing assumes the configuration is for the Interloop Data Engine (Standard level) for up to 5 system connectors and up to 1M rows of data changes monthly
  • The included systems are compatible with the 200+ standard connectors available from Interloop
  • Secure access to systems will be provided by customer and approach identified during planning step
  • A detailed schedule and milestones for the configuration will be developed and agreed upon during the planning step
  • Estimates for custom connectors can be provided via a Private Offer, please contact us to learn more

Target Audience:

- Executives & Business Leaders - Interloop helps decision-makers utilize data-driven insights for improved business performance and growth.

- CIO/CTO/CDO - Interloop supports technology and data executives in implementing an efficient and cutting-edge data platform

- Head of Data Analytics - Interloop empowers data analytics leaders with advanced tools for better data management and actionable insights.

- Functional Leaders (Sales, Marketing, Service, Operations, etc.) - Interloop allows functional leaders to access data insights, optimize their strategies, and drive desired outcomes.

- End Users - Interloop simplifies data analytics for end users, helping them contribute effectively to data-driven organizational goals.

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