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Solutions for Information Governance and Data Maps

Meru Data's SaaS offering is a must-have tool for Data Maps, Privacy, Compliance, Security and Information Governance efforts within your company.

What does Meru Data offer?

Companies find it hard to get a comprehensive view of the data related risks and to prioritize efforts to comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Our solution will allow you to: 

• Gain an end to end understanding of how data is created, shared, transformed, consumed, and eventually destroyed within your organization. 

• View your company’s entire data footprint in one place with our powerful data maps. 

• Govern and protect your enterprise data with our scalable solutions.

Contact us to see how we can help you improve information governance in your company.

Key benefits

• Increase collaboration between Legal, Privacy, IT and Business stakeholders

• Understand what data you have and where it is located

• Improve trust in your data

• Manage and secure data based on the importance of the information contained. 

• Ensure critical and sensitive data is protected

• Automate, prioritize, and track governance efforts

• Turn your data into a true asset

Our infrastructure is hosted in Azure and our product tightly integrates with Microsoft enterprise solutions including Office 365.

Our customers

Our solutions are applicable across industry segments. Our current customers are leading companies in hospitality and retail who are using Meru Data to cost effectively meet their privacy compliance requirements and optimize their data minimization efforts. 

Our solutions can help you govern your data more effectively irrespective of your industry sector, especially if your data contains sensitive customer information.

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