OneX Healthcare Analytics

Видавець: Nagnoi LLC

Experience ONE Version of the Truth and improve patient experience and outcomes.

OneX is an enterprise healthcare Data Warehouse built to integrate and unify health plans data assets into a single, integrated, and cleaned data repository.
It was built specifically for analytics and reporting needs of any segment including:
  • Medicare (CMS’s Five Stars Rating Program)
  • Medicaid (CMS's 2390-F)
  • Exchanges
  • Commercial (QRS for QHP's)

OneX enables the Health Payors to provide connected care and meet the Triple Aim Initiative:
  1. Improve patient experience and quality
  2. Reduce Costs
  3. Improve health for the population

OneX address three main problems:
  • Data Integration Challenge: Eliminates fragmentation of the data, heterogeneous formats. Single version of the truth.
  • Lack of effective reporting and analysis: Critical subject areas, all in ONE integrated model, which allows for cross-subject analysis. Technology and analyses bundled.
  • Staying relevant to the current needs and regulations: Maintain relevance by creating value through the evolution of Triple-Aim.

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