Altair Smart Ambulance

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First Response and Smart Dispatching solution for ambulance organizations and emergency services

The Altair Smart Ambulance solution is an AZURE-based smart fleet management and dispatching system for ambulance organizations. It enables emergency medical service organizations to immediately respond to emergencies in real-time through an interactive call taking screen and a sophisticated computer-aided dispatch (CAD) module. The solution locates emergency locations, goes through a medical questionnaire and triages the nearest more suitable vehicles to drive to the location as fast as possible while keeping track of the response time. While vehicles drive to locations, a map-based interface tracks them in real-time and provides a comprehensive dashboard to supervisors in the control centre about the current situation on the ground. The solution is also complemented with medical asset management, fleet and maintenance management as well as advanced analytics. The solution is based on Microsoft AZURE and has embedded BI capabilities based on Microsoft SQL.

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