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Continuously monitors and eliminates data risks while enforcing least privilege and access.

The Sonrai Dig Platform allows customers to: 

(1) Get to Least Privilege and stay there. Eliminate all identified risks in your cloud - Dig maps every single trust relationship, inherited permission, and policy, for every entity in your cloud. Identify all excessive privilege, escalation, and separation of duty risks across 1000's of roles and compute instances across 100's of cloud accounts; all mapped continuously. 

(2) Discover, classify, lockdown, and monitor crown jewel data - Dig relentlessly monitors your critical data sitting inside object stores and database services. Suspicious access activity or undesirable changes in access rights are flagged. 

(3) Shift left by integrating teams - via organized analysis, alerts, and actions that align with how your organizations use the public cloud. Dig allows customized monitoring and views for development, staging, or production workloads and an API architecture that can be integrated into a CI/CD process. 

(4) Prevent. Escalate. Remediate - remediation bots fix the problems found. But, how about preventing those problems from happening in the first place? Sonrai Dig does both! It also puts prevention rules in place across your cloud and makes sure they stay there. As people try to move workloads to production, checks are in place, and promotion only happens if your risk policies are followed.

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