Clinitouch Remote Patient Monitoring

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Connecting clinical teams with their patients from anywhere, making hospital-at-home a reality

Clinitouch makes hospital-at-home a reality, helping to connect clinical teams with their patients, no matter the location.

Evidence-backed and award-winning, our software allows healthcare teams to monitor people's health from anywhere, helping to provide better care outside of hospitals & clinics, plus free up critical clinical resources.

Our straightforward tech makes it easy for people to be cared for at home, in the community, or prevented from going into hospital in the first place.

Combining vital signs monitoring with patient questionnaires, the Clinitouch app provides all the clinical data needed in one place, with a prioritised dashboard to help clinical teams to manage caseloads more effectively.

We keep our tech purposely simple - because of our own backgrounds in healthcare, we know that over-complicated often means unused.

We're on the hunt for valued partners that share our passion for expanding remote patient monitoring into new areas anywhere in the world:

- Build easy remote monitoring solutions for healthcare customers using tried-and-tested technology

- Get to market faster without building a digital health platform from scratch

- Revenue share model and joint go-to-market plans to help you grow

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