Audit360 SaaS

Видавець: Sumeru Software Solutions Private Limited

An Audit Management Solution, that transforms the way you audit, for ever!

A Domain Agnostic and Fully-Digitized Solution, capable of managing Distributed Audits built on check-lists, and  other check-list based activities of any nature. Intelligent Reports, Robust Scoring, Configurable Workflows and Real-time updates are integral features of this solution. From Check-list creation to Dashboards, the solution covers entire 3600 of the process. 

This offer is for a SaaS subscription of Audit360, hosted on Azure. 

Audit360 transforms the way your Internal Audit unit functions. Digitalisation of the processes in its entirety,  helps bring in efficiency of up to 60-70% across different levels of the Internal Audit function. The effectiveness also goes up considerably. The mobile app that Audit360 offers, makes the Auditor's life easy. Dashboards that get updated on a near-real time (one hour) helps fast and meaningful decision making, that is key to any enterprise. 

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