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The ideal reference management solution for teams

Create a library of PDFs and other sources
With Citavi, knowledge-oriented companies can create a central library for PDFs, papers, academic articles, reports, and all other source material.

Advanced search features make it easy to find a source, while duplicate detection prevents you from adding the same source twice.

Save information long-term and use it in your reports
Annotation tools help workgroups extract and tag key findings, statistics, tables, and images. This information can be brought into an outline and inserted into a Word document with a single click. Properly formatted citations and a bibliography are inserted automatically in your company's citation style.

Designed for teams
Citavi gives you more options for teamwork than any other reference management program. The edition Citavi for DBServer lets you manage an unlimited number of users, define roles and permissions, assign tasks to team members, and view or hide your colleagues' annotations. Projects can be saved online or on your company's server.

Protect your insights
If data security is a concern, Citavi has you covered. It's possible to save projects completely locally, either on a network drive or on your company's server.

World-class support
Our highly-rated support services mean that you won't be left hanging if you ever encounter a problem. And if you have specialized workflows, it's possible to customize Citavi to accommodate them.

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