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Conversation intelligence and analytics solution which connects directly with Microsoft

Call Journey CI (Customer Intelligence) automates customer intelligence storytelling. We look beyond the status quo to uncover detailed organization and experience transformation opportunities typically hidden in vast customer communication data.

For customer-centric organizations, we take customer intelligence to new frontiers using cutting-edge, purpose-built AI to analyze everyday conversations and translate them into organizational context.

With laser focus and layered depth, we pinpoint systemic issues and summarize the root cause of friction and customer effort. We then overlay operational metrics and proprietary AI-derived metrics to surface people, processes, and technology recommendations to the user.

Our next-generation voice-of-the-customer analytics enable data-driven decision-making at scale, supercharging your customer satisfaction, ensuring compliance, and improving efficiency, performance, and revenue. Continuous feedback loops offer an ongoing, objective source of truth for leaders within your organization to tap into at any time.

With enterprise-grade data security, including optional PII redaction, privacy and compliance are ensured and support the sharing of intelligence throughout the business. Flexible and easy to deploy, it seamlessly operates out of the box, requiring minimal tuning for specific customer scenarios.

Trusted by pioneers in every major industry where customers demand service excellence, and churn is only a click away, Call Journey CI is a critical business intelligence asset that converts your customers' needs and desires into business transformation.

Leveraging advanced AI technology, Call Journey CI, the leading provider of conversation intelligence solutions, empowers businesses to unlock valuable insights from their customer interaction data, illuminating the following key areas:

1. Customer Azure utilization for:

  • Data and audio storage and driving greater insights via analytics from the Azure Machine learning studio solution
2. Business Applications with interaction data being added to:

  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Service Insights
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Sales Insights
  • Dynamics Customer Experience
3. Power Platform utilization covering:

  • PowerBI for trend analysis and visualization
  • Power Virtual Agents adding speed to bot deployment via conversation insights

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