Executive Automats - Robotic Process Automation

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Robotic Process Automation for MS Dynamics 365FO, CE and others. UI based. Zero-coding

EXECUTIVE AUTOMATS – Robotic Process Automation (EA RPA) is a proprietary XPLUS software dedicated to design and run software robots at the application user interface in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Customer Engagement and other web-based applications.

Record & Play experience:

The solution enables you to record business processes in the application’s user interface (in the form of so-called “Scripts”) and their automated playbacks to mimic a real user’s actions (as a software robots). Using the tool does not require any programming skills (100% zero-coding experience), so business users and people responsible for selected areas of the system (so-called "process or module owners") may be involved in the business process automatization.

Zero-coding test automation:

Executive Automats allows you to build sophisticated business process automations. You may create and drive variables, use number sequences, catch and input values, create conditional steps, jumps, loops and “try-catch” actions. Software robots may be run on demand, in the foreground or background, individually and in groups and may be triggered with external tools with inbuilt, two-way API.

Through an API, the tool may be only triggered on may be a trigger flow/to Microsoft Flows to  create cross-platform automations

Unique automated testing experience since 2014 from a Gold Microsoft Partner (ISV)

Executive Automats for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next edition (first release in 2018) of the solution dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and 2009, successfully commercialized since 2013.

Executive Automats is a sole proprietary software of XPLUS S.A. - Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Inner Circle Member (top 1% globally).

Main functionalities and features:

  1. UI based Robotic Process Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Family
  2. Software robots may be run foreground and background, on demand and scheduled or triggered with external tools
  3. Microsoft Flows integration and two-way inbuilt API
  4. 100% no-coding experience

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