Видавець: Yourdata Analytics

A data analysis platform that deliveres the automation of decision making and insights' extraction.

Deliver a way in which any person in an organization have the ability to ask and get the right information in the right time to make better decisions. A process that bring efficency and new knowledge to decision making.

Customised implementation of Business Intelligence, through the aggregation of dispersed data, from different formats, into a single intuitive solution, where personalised dashboards based on key indicators for each market, company and business model are created. This Business Intelligence solution allows for a high degree of autonomy in the production of reports and view choices. It's compatible with automation features, such as management alerts and access to a Data Office with data analysis, activity control and reporting capabilities, when you need them.

Our Business Intelligence solution is complemented by Dataflow, a data analysis suite that centralizes dispersed data, normalizes it and enables predictive analytics – all in one single flow. A data integration layer, in which data is normalized, serves as the basis for interaction with the best data mining and advanced statistics techniques. Non-obvious knowledge of high strategic value is, in this way, added and converted into an intuitive graphical representation through the implemented Business Intelligence features.

Dataflow is an agnostic platform that may be used in many industries, from retail to financial services companies. Works and connects with the technology each organization prefer. IBM, AWS or Microsoft are some examples for servers or business intelligence platforms providers.

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