Agriculture Process Review: 3-Day Assessment

Stoneridge Software LLC

A review between your leaders and our consultants of agriculture-related business processes resulting in an actionable game plan, budget, and timeline of your next ERP implementation.

What if you could gain peace of mind that your next ERP implementation project would be well documented, accurately estimated, and your team felt secure, comfortable and prepared to face the project? All of that can happen with an Agriculture Process Review from Stoneridge Software. Whether you are an ag retailer, seed supplier, or grain processor, Stoneridge has proven experience in the ag industry and understands the fundamental processes that are integral for your agribusiness. We engage your process owners and go in-depth on the most important procedures, pain points, and future goals of an ERP solution allowing our team an opportunity to challenge paradigms and recommend where efficiencies can be gained in accordance with your goals.


Day 1 - Define

  • Meet with executive and leadership team to discuss business objectives and processes to assess
  • Gain an understanding of how the executive and leadership are currently utilizing technology

Day 2 - Discovery

  • Connect with organization team members to determine their business objectives, changes, areas for improvement, and end business goals
  • Outline challenges that may hinder team members from making progress on their business objectives
  • Document processes that team members are looking to implement
  • Understand the current use of technology in place
  • Identify inefficiencies and potential risks and of the technology in place

Day 3 - Delivery

  • Stoneridge gathers findings of the Agriculture Process Review in an Executive Summary
  • Stoneridge presents the Executive Summary and recommendations, with respect to best practices, to the executive and leadership team


  • Company Process Documentation (current and future state)
    • Fit/Gaps
    • Third-party software & integrations
  • Project & Scope Management Plan
    • Schedule
    • Tools
    • Status and budget reporting
  • Project team/roster established
  • High-level solution environment & data migration plan

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