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For efficiency, flexibility and affordability use Gems Payroll Solution

Gems Payroll Solutions

Gems Payroll Solutions is a package that delivers a comprehensive solution used to manage one or more employee compensation with a localized and configurable tax structure to keep up compliant. Some of the features are as stated below;

1 The solution can perform the calculation and payment of salaries, wages and allowances in accordance with State Financial legislation and Civil Service Financial Regulations.

2 The solution can perform the calculation and payment of salary, overtime, and other allowances.

3 The solution can perform the calculation and payment of expenses, travel, subsistence and employee benefits.

4 The solution can be used for salaries at prescribed frequencies e.g monthly.

5 The solution can allow for corrections and reissue of inaccurate payments within a user defined timescale.

6 The solution can undertake the calculation of deductions and amounts due to third parties.

7 The solution can undertake the calculation and payment of statutory allowances and deductions.

8 The solution can undertake the administration of allowances and deductions in line with statutory guidelines e.g. pension contributions, transport allowances, housing loans, entertainment allowance, tax, rent arrears recovery.

9 The solution can detail, for each allowance/deduction as appropriate, attributes such as taxable, pensionable status, along with links to cost codes.

10 The solution can provide bulk-update functionality for periodic data management tasks.

11 The solution provides loan functionality and automatic loan deductions based on a pre-defined repayment plan.

12 The solution can produce payslips and send payslips via email.

13 Employee and employer contributions to (e.g.) pension schemes is recorded on each payslip as monthly and cumulative amounts.

14 The solution supports the recovery and administration of any salary overpayments.

15 The solution supports the ongoing maintenance of payroll and appropriate employee information (including historical payment data).

16 The solution supports the provision of regular and ad-hoc reports.

17 The solution implements increments in line with Grade Level and Grade Point rule sets.

18 The solution is able to retain payroll records in line with policy regulation such as may be required by Internal Audit, and other internal and external bodies.

19 The solution can be able to provide the schedule payments to the banks.

20 The solution can be integrated with the banks such that employee payment can be made directly without having to generate a bank advice.

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