Avaya Meeting Scheduler

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Schedule Avaya meetings within your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

The Avaya Meeting Scheduler allows users to schedule Avaya Spaces and Avaya Equinox / IX Meetings directly within the Outlook client.

If you already have an Avaya Spaces account or Equinox Virtual Room, during the initial use of the add-in you'll be easily on-boarded by your email address.

If you do not have Avaya Equinox or Avaya Spaces account:

  • To create Avaya Spaces account click here:
  • If Avaya Equinox Conferencing or Avaya Equinox Meetings Online is in use by your organization, please contact your IT department
  • Your meeting attendees will receive meeting invitations in their calendars and will have the ability to join on any device via simple joining instructions.

    • Users of the Avaya IX Workplace application benefit from one-click to join their scheduled meetings from the Top of Mind panel.
    • External invitees can join using any standards-based video conferencing system or via their web browser.

    Participants can also dial in over the telephone using any one of the global dial-in numbers provided in the invitation.

    (Please note that Avaya Equinox / IX Meetings and some features of Avaya Spaces require a paid subscription or license)

    About Avaya Spaces

    Avaya Spaces is a cloud-based video conferencing and meeting app that supersizes team collaboration online. You create “spaces” for frequent topics and ongoing projects. Team members pop into the spaces to message, meet, share content, and more. Every member sees the action, so nothing is missed, and work keeps moving forward.

    This simple, convenient way to communicate and manage tasks is a step up from individual video conferencing or messaging apps, combining both without the jump to large and expensive platforms. Your entire team works and meets wherever they might be, using any device. From screen sharing to video, voice, and chat with productivity and organizational tools, use Avaya Spaces to get work done.

    About Avaya IX Meetings

    Boost your productivity and enhance your relationships with HD video, audio, and web collaboration from Avaya IX™ Meetings. Bring the experience of a face-to-face meeting to your employees, customers and partners, anywhere, on nearly any device. Simplify and converge your audio, video, web collaboration, and webcasting to one cloud platform and app. Save money, admin time, and user training by meeting with just one app.

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