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Location-based Market Intelligence

Gain a Competitive Edge with Location-Based Market Intelligence

Would access to site analysis, business analytics, and demographic insights help you to gain a competitive edge?
Esri’s ArcGIS Business Analyst helps you make smarter market analysis and community planning decisions using the power of location-driven intelligence.

Magnify Your Understanding and See Opportunities Clearly

See people and opportunities clearly using ArcGIS Business Analyst. Business Analyst helps you make smarter market planning, site selection, and customer segmentation decisions. By combining demographic, lifestyle, behavioral, and spending data, maps, and reports with location-driven intelligence, you can identify under-performing markets, pinpoint the right growth sites, find where your target customers live, and share the market research across your organization. Whether you’re in a web browser or using a mobile device, identify the most profitable sites then create beautiful maps and professional reports, no matter where you are. ArcGIS Business Analyst comes with global data that covers over 90% of the world’s population in 135+ countries with 15,000+ variables on market data. Combine your own location and customer data with Esri’s demographic data to validate your instincts about a prospective location—whether it’s local or global.

Combine Demographic, Behavioral, Lifestyle, Spending Data, Maps, and Intuitive Analytics to:

  • Identify under-performing markets and vulnerable areas spatially
  • Pinpoint the right business continuity, economic indicators, and growth strategies
  • Illustrate unique characteristics of your area using interactive maps
  • Determine where to allocate resources based on population need
  • Understand trends using past data and future projections to better plan for the future
  • Share market and community research across your organization

Contact Esri directly if you are a US government, non-profit, or other customer with special pricing considerations.
Outside of the United States, please contact your local Esri office for availability and pricing information.

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