Advanced Foreign Exchange by DycoTrade


Manage your foreign currency risk and exposure: DycoTrade's Advanced Forex Application

With an aim to optimise any international business DycoTrade took on the development of an advanced FX Module, providing any Dynamics 365 F&O environment with great functionality on Financial Risk management. Every international operating business encounters the good’s and bad’s of foreign currencies and the exchange rates for these currencies. To cover the financial risk on the exchange rate from order date to payment date these organisations use Forex contracts to cover for that risk Forex contracts are widely available in international banking and DycoTrade’s Advanced FX Module will register these contracts. Forex contracts can be hedged to a purchase order or sales order, and thus mitigate any foreign currency exchange rate risk on the specific order. Lump sum hedging, without linking a contract to an order, is another possibility. The Advanced FX module is fully integrated with Dynamics 365 and will support standard (financial) postings and functions within Dynamics as well as providing additional functions on hedging, forward rolling and trade books in multi-currency environments.