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Quickly save emails and calendar appointments that are important for your research project!

During your work on a research project, you may come across relevant information online at any time and in any format, even if you are not specifically looking for it. You can save these directly into your Evidence Vault within ImpactTracker.

Evidence takes many forms, and can include information held within your email conversations. This could be relevant correspondence with a colleague or collaborator, or even a testimonial. Having to screenshot and store each of these communications can be inefficient and unhelpful, especially when you have to then organise and store these against your relevant projects.

This is where the ImpactTracker Email Clipper is useful, by enabling you to store email conversations directly within ImpactTracker’s Evidence Vault and associated directly with the relevant projects.

Key Features:

• Quickly save relevant emails directly into your EvidenceVault and associate them with one or more research projects.

• Choose which audience you wish to share your email evidence - or keep it private - depending on your security requirements.

• Select exactly the information that is important to your project - either individual responses or the entire thread.

• Choose which audience you wish to share your email evidence - or keep it private - depending on your security requirements.

NOTE: Attachments within emails will need to be saved separately into the Evidence Vault to ensure they are linked to a research project.

Clipping Appointments

Research projects often involve a large number of interactions with a wide range of collaborators, which can take the form of appointments in your calendar. These can also form an important link in the evidence chain for your project.

Rather than have to manually recreate these appointments in ImpactTracker, you can now utilise the Email Clipper to quickly clip your calendar appointments and automatically generate activities within ImpactTracker. This way you can easily include accurate information on the appointments you have had as part of your project, helping you capture as many relevant details as possible without wasting time in manually duplicating information.

Key Features:

• Save your calendar appointments as an activity in ImpactTracker and associate it with one or more research projects.

• Choose your activity type from the existing options on the drop-down list, or create your own.

• All your appointment attendees are saved as your activity collaborators in ImpactTracker.

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  • 此应用可读取或修改邮箱中任何项目的内容,并能够创建新邮件。它可访问任何邮件或日历项目中的个人信息,例如正文、主题、发件人、收件人或附件。它可能会将此数据发送给第三方服务。