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Looking for a calendar you can share with your colleagues or external users in Microsoft Teams?

We've got a solution for you!


Calendar Pro is an app that you can add to Microsoft Teams channels or chats. The app is the go-to solution if you want to **create a group calendar in two simple steps. **

**Here's what you can do with Calendar Pro**

1. Add as many events as you need, and color code them to your needs.

2. Display Calendar Pro in monthly, weekly, and daily view.

3. Create an all-day event or specific hours.

4. Customize the title, description, and color of the event.

Calendar Pro comes in two modes standard and resources.


**Standard Calendar: **

There's no mystery here. It's a standard calendar with the features mentioned above.

**Most common uses: **

1. **Important dates.** A calendar where everyone can put in their leaves, birthdays, or special dates.

2. **Project Management. **To keep all existing appointments with team members, keep track of daily tasks and scheduling.

3. **PTO Calendar. **A calendar that only managers can add paid time off and the rest of the team can view.

4. **Community Calendar: **an association, a church, or a local community can manage a team of nonprofit program managers or volunteers.

5. **Operation calendar: **small companies or teams in large organizations use Calendar Pro to track their operation. For example, a flooring diary, maintenance, or delivery dates.

**Resources Calendar:**

In this calendar, you can list resources and book them.

**Examples of use**

1. **Meeting room reservation:** companies with a limited number of meeting rooms.

2. **Workspace. **Companies that are operating from a flex office space and who need to manage the occupation.

3. **School or university:** to manage computer lab reservations, arts and crafts rooms or material (computers, tablets, TVs, 3D printers)

4. **Medical: **for hospitals and clinics that need to control the booking of surgical procedures from Teams.

More than 200k companies around the world are using Calendar Pro!


*Calendar Pro is a Microsoft Teams App developed by Witivio.*