Revenue Grid for Salesforce


Put your sales team in the best position to win with guidance through every deal

Get alerts about deals and take immediate action right from Microsoft Teams. Always know exactly where every deal stands and the best next step to take to move things forward.

This bot makes it possible for anyone on the revenue team to receive their Revenue Signals in a Teams chat. Revenue Signals are actionable notifications that guide your sales team step-by-step through the sales cycle. They automate your playbook and best practices, provide alerts about deals at risk, and make AI-based suggestions about what works best to close deals.

For example:

- Notify reps when one of their deals is nearing its close date, but the stage is still too low.

- Warn reps when there’s no decision-maker included in a deal’s communications.

- Receive a briefing about deals when they close, including Won/Lost and time spent.

- Alert reps when no response is received from an opportunity for more than 5 days.

An active Revenue Grid for Salesforce account is needed to use this app. If you don’t have one, click here:

This bot is for notifications only and is not interactive.

About Revenue Grid:

Revenue Grid is an AI Guided Selling platform that nudges sales teams with step-by-step guidance towards actions that bring the best results, shows deals at risk, and prioritizes tactics with the greatest impact.

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