PresenterMedia | Thousands of Animations, Templates, and Designs at your Fingertips

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Insert customized graphics, templates and videos directly into your presentation.

PresenterMedia puts the power of creativity and design at your fingertips, bringing excitement instantly into your presentation slides. Browse thousands of prebuilt graphics, videos and templates. Create unique, engaging customized animations, videos, and clipart by rebranding with a personalized message, colors and pictures. Insert the content you love directly into your presentation without having to download.

Included Key Features

  • DIRECT INSERTS -Insert content directly into your presentation without having to download.
  • SLIDECLIPS VIDEO MAKER - Edit pre-designed layouts to quickly create eye-catching slides.
  • GRAPHICS MEDIA BUILDER -Rebrand animations, videos, and clipart with your message, images, or logo.
  • WORD CLOUD GENERATOR -Create and insert word clouds to make your most important words stand out.
  • RECOLORING TOOL -Easily change the color of animations, clipart, and motion backgrounds.

Excellent for ALL Presenters

  • EDUCATORS - Use fun animation designs to create engaging curriculum for students.

  • BUSINESS -Illustrate strategy concepts, market diagrams, and project timelines through professional templates.
  • HEALTHCARE -Curated clipart expresses themes of community engagement and patient wellness.
  • TRAINING MATERIAL -Quickly express essential concepts through sharable videos.
  • STUDENTS -Ready-made template layouts help build presentations fast.

Great Benefits

  • Unlimited downloads, creations and customizations
  • Fresh Weekly Graphics
  • Royalty-Free graphics and audio
  • Direct customer service

100% Money-Back Guarantee

"This service makes my presentations POP! And, yes, it makes me look good! No boring lists! It's easy to use and there are thousands of options!" - JON H.

Paid subscription is required for complete access.

Tech Specs

  • Works best with Office 365 for PowerPoint
  • Compatible with PowerPoint 2016, 2019 (Windows Only)

Additional Information

Version: 1.1

Release: 4/27/2022

Languages: English


  • 可读取文档并对其作出更改
  • 可通过 Internet 发送数据