Active Workpapers

作者 Business Fitness

An Excel add-in to enable accounting firms to leverage all functionality of Active Workpapers.

Active Workpapers is a revolutionary accounting tool that combines the familiarity and flexibility of Excel with the convenience of a modern cloud-based user interface.

Designed to minimise firm risk with tax-compliant worksheets, Active Workpapers also streamlines data entry through key automation features and offers a standardised approach to completing workpapers for compliance engagements across the firm.

Here's what sets Active Workpapers apart:

Seamless Integration: Connect with major client accounting systems for effortless data flow.

Compliance & Efficiency: Standardised, up-to-date worksheets and automation features ensure accuracy and minimise manual work, boosting compliance and saving you time.

Cloud-Powered: Manage data, access files, and collaborate with your team, all from the cloud, for enhanced accessibility and real-time updates.

Flexibility and Ease of Use: The intuitive user interface and seamless Excel integration make it easy to learn and use.

To utilise the Excel Add-in, an Active Workpapers user account is necessary. Contact today to arrange a free trial or set up a new account.


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