Construction Management System

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Microsoft 365 Certified
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CMS software is designed to help construction companies manage their projects from start to finish.

SharepointEmpower’s Construction Management System, a Microsoft 365 certified solution, ensures unparalleled security and safety compliance for streamlined construction project management. CMS is a robust platform designed to streamline and enhance project management and tracking within organizations. It offers a range of features and capabilities, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to leverage Microsoft SharePoint 365 and Teams Integration to enhance their construction management. Additionally, our product offers multilingual support, enabling users to access the user interface in their preferred language for a global audience.

This platform Simplifies project initiation enables detailed daily work logging with photo attachments and allows for easy report exports, including visual documentation. The system automatically syncs project-related documents to OneDrive for secure access. Covering areas like project planning, resource management, document storage, budgeting, and collaboration, they enhance efficiency and project outcomes, ultimately contributing to streamlined processes and improved project outcomes.

Key features of the Construction Management System:

Home Page:

- Edit, archive, and add new projects with ease.

- Effortless navigation between Archive Projects and Contact Master from the top bar.

Add New Project:

- Simplifies the process of adding new projects to the system.

Archive Projects:

- Locate details of archived projects added by the user effortlessly.

Contact Master:

- Add new contacts and access details of contacts added by the user seamlessly.

Project Details:

- Navigate to comprehensive Project Details, including:

• Project team

• Documents

• Photos

• Drawings

• Daily Logs (Manpower, Notes, Visitors, Inspections, Deliveries, Accidents, Work Orders, Change Orders)

• Reports

• Scheduled

• Submittals

• Project Tracker

• Project Planner

Benefits of Construction Management System:

1. Project Planning and Scheduling: Create project timelines, assign tasks, and track progress effortlessly.

2. Resource Management: Effectively manage resources such as labor and space required for the project.

3. Document Management: Store and share project-related documents securely, including contracts, drawings, and specifications.

4. Budgeting and Cost Tracking: Create and track project budgets, including expenses and payments.

5. Collaboration: Facilitate seamless collaboration among team members, clients, and stakeholders.

Experience the Power of CMS:

- Streamline project management processes.

- Minimize errors and delays.

- Enhance overall project outcomes.

Choose the Construction Management System, your steadfast, certified, and user-friendly solution, ensuring the advancement and triumph of your construction projects with unparalleled efficiency!

This solution includes support for SharePoint "Webpart" and "FullPage" web part components.


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