Mural for PowerPoint


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Send PowerPoint slides to Mural to present slides and/or collect feedback in Mural.

More than an online whiteboard tool, Mural is a digital collaboration platform that gives teams the functionality for brainstorming, strategy, project planning, and turning your best ideas into actionable next steps — no matter where you are. Get started free, and build a culture of empowerment and inclusion across your team, department, or whole organization.

  • Start from a blank canvas or with one of Mural's hundreds of templates for popular outcomes.
  • Each template includes facilitation tips to guide your team through each activity.
  • Add collaborators with unlimited visitors included with every membership.
  • Run an engaging real-time session or invite your team to share feedback asynchronously with remote teams.
  • Explore the toolbar, start drawing, react with emojis, and easily add sticky notes by double-clicking with your cursor.
  • Embed or export your virtual whiteboard for a record of all the amazing collaboration.

Invite your team and take collaborating, brainstorming, and tracking projects, all to the next level with an online whiteboard in Mural.


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