DO-Q-MENT Digitális Irat-Archiváló, Adatszolgáltató és Irattározó Kft.

DOQdrive paperless office solutions can help every company.

DOQdrive is the first of its kind solution where all participating Individuals and Companies are 100 percent identified based on their government IDs and all data and information is 100 percent legally original. DOQdrive is a cloud solution for storing and forwarding digitalized documents that are Authentic also in legal terms. DOQdrive stores the Digital Original version of the client’s documents in order to comply document preservation requirements dictated by local legislations. The patent pending DOQdrive document management process can save up to 40-60 percent of the relevant document archiving and handling costs by revolutionizing the data management and archiving processes. This is a huge opportunity for all kind of businesses in all industries who want to be flexible yet legally compliant.