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Projects, Resources, Finances: A Single Source of Truth for Service Delivery Teams

Birdview is a comprehensive end-to-end platform for organizations, streamlining planning, overseeing, and predicting resources, finances, and projects in one place. It provides complete visibility into projects for teams and clients, enhancing growth and optimizing operations.

Designed to adapt to changing business needs, Birdview supports multitasking across projects with flexible displays, centralized information, and balanced workloads. It also enables precise financial management and budgeting.

Birdview presents two distinct products to suit varied client requirements:

  • Birdview Project Management helps to streamline internal project execution and balance out team workload with customizable views and centralized data for effective team coordination and project oversight.

  • Birdview Professional Services is tailored for service-oriented organizations and facilitates project management, resource planning, and collaboration across multiple clients, ensuring smooth service delivery, financial tracking, and accurate billing.

Each is loaded with advanced features for control over every project stage. Dashboards and reports powered by Business Intelligence (BI) empower users to make decisions based on data, thus boosting productivity, profitability, and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, Birdview integrates with 5000+ applications, including Microsoft tools, for even more effective management.