Accelerate decision making with business case standardisation, transparency and visibility.

edison365businesscase enables the justification and easy assessment of the immediate impacts of a business case. Internal processes are standardized and optimized, providing the visibility required to understand the financial and resourcing requirement needed to accelerate change, demand management and realized value. edison365businesscase delivers a transparent and regulated way for business cases to be produced and managed throughout an organization. Its instinctive interface provides users with portfolio reporting where the cost, benefit and resource requirements across one or more cases can easily be understood, and their impacts appreciated. Personalized access supports an individual users’ view and approval rights, with target timescales set for each approval stage and clear visibility where delays occur. Full auditing of each case provides users with the ability to view the history of changes. Because edison365businesscase is built on Office 365, your users are already up and running with its inherent collaboration and intuitive user interface, available across multiple devices and browsers.