ArcGIS Online

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Mapping, location intelligence and analysis for everyone

Cloud-based Interactive Mapping and Analytics
ArcGIS Online is a complete mapping, visualization and analysis solution. It enables you to connect people, locations, and data using interactive maps. Work with smart, data-driven styles and intuitive analysis tools that deliver location intelligence. Share your insights with the world or specific groups. With ArcGIS Online, you can get up and running quickly to securely create, organize, and manage geographic information in one system. Use it on its own or expand your work using other Esri products across the ArcGIS system.

Who uses ArcGIS Online?
Leading retailers, healthcare organizations, financial and education institutions, transportation, utilities, natural resources, local, state, and national governments — these are some of industries that rely heavily on ArcGIS Online. They use it to better understand their customers as well as the dynamics and individual make up of their communities. For sustainability initiatives, this can include gaining an immediate understanding of climate, development and environmental impacts on urban cities or rural areas. When global communities and businesses responded immediately to the COVID-19 pandemic, ArcGIS Online played a key role in recovery planning, vaccine management, vaccine distribution, and re-opening strategies.

ArcGIS Online lets you

  • Create maps and apps with your data
  • Better understand patterns and trends in your data
  • Share maps with staff, key stakeholders, and citizens in a variety of ready-to-use apps
  • Perform spatial analysis, collect data, and share your story

It is easy to get started with a Creator User in ArcGIS Online (purchase here)*

Creators can collaboratively build, publish and use a variety of powerful apps.


*Contact Esri directly if you are a US government, non-profit, or other customer with special pricing considerations. Outside of the United States, please contact your local Esri office for availability and pricing information.