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Rapidly build enterprise-grade IoT applications on a secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure.

Azure IoT Central is your IoT app platform that's highly secure, scales with your business as it grows, ensures your investments are repeatable, and integrates with your existing business apps.
  • Get connected: Azure IoT Central connects your IoT devices to the cloud faster than any other platform. Find new devices matched to your solution in the Azure Certified for IoT device catalog.
  • Stay connected: We understand how hard it is to keep devices connected and healthy. Centralized management helps you reconfigure and update them.
  • Transform: Our connectors and extensibility APIs bridge the gap between your business applications and IoT—providing a direct connection between IoT data and your decision makers.
Optimized for your industry, integrated with your business. Our app templates are designed to illustrate the types of solutions our partners and customers can build across:
  • Retail: Personalize offers, maximize loss prevention, intelligently track inventory, and smarten up your supply chain.
  • Energy: Analyze energy usage patterns to forecast generation and demand and to accelerate DER adoption.
  • Goverment: Manage public resources to increase safety and to reduce costs, consumption, and health risks.
  • Healthcare: Extend patient care beyond the hospital walls, reduce re-admissions, and manage disease.

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