Survey Management

Link Development

Manage, generate, distribute, gather & analyze results of multiple templates of surveys

A product that can plug in your Dynamics CRM solution or Power Platform based solution to provide a critical source of data and insights for nearly everyone engaged with the system. 

It is very easy to create a survey template or propagate surveys using this solution. Plus, it can save you time and money because its has lower setup and administrative costs.

It is more convenient for the customer or respondent because they can take the survey on their most convenient digital device  (tablet, computer, phone, etc.).

 It is also more convenient for you because you just need to send the survey link via email and you’ll have the data in the solution as soon as responses come. 

It has many more useful features such as:
1- Multiple preset templates: ability to maintain several templates in the solution and use them multiple times with the ability to modify the templates each time to use it.
2- Automatic sending: ability to send the survey manually, scheduled or automatically using a specific condition or trigger such as upon case closure.
3- Scoring system: ability to add score for each question and the system will calculate the scores for each question and for the overall survey.
4- Powerful reporting: ability to generate multiple reports for each question or the overall survey through maintaining the survey’s responses and the responses of each question.