Investigative Case Management

作者 Merp Systems Inc

Investigative Case Management Solution for Digging and Fire Related Incidents Dynamics 365/PowerApps

MERP Systems, Inc. has developed an Investigative Case Management system to address digging and fire related incidents based on Dynamics 35 and Power platform, enabling the efficient management of complaints, from receipt through resolution and reporting with following benefits:  

  • Detect and process XML from email and create Triage record.
  • Create XML processing log if failed send notifications to the responsible person with the proper error message.
  • Dashboards are available for each role which contains the list of items on which action needs to be taken.
  • XpertDocs is used to create word templates by getting data from Dynamics and merging multiple documents including attachments such as images, word files, TTF files, PDFs, and many more.
  • DocuSign is used for sending reports for digital signatures to multiple participants very quickly and sync back to dynamics.
  • Automatic case closer and creation from triage.
  • Audit History Report to see the changes made by the user on triage in a well-formatted way.
  • Timesheet and Time entry to record the time spent on particular tasks with automatic submit and approval reminders.
  • Well-organized forms and certain PCF controls used to make the system more interactive.
  • Provides time-based reporting, audit, and records management.
  • Correspondence to users is listed in the Activities Timeline for future verification.
  • Automated emails, task scheduling, and reminders.
  • Simplified uploads of documents, photos, and videos directly to the SharePoint.
  • The system is mobile and tablet friendly and cloud-ready module.
  • Reduced risk of information lost as automatic backup is taken every day.
  • Give users access to only the information they need to see.