Govern 365 Virtual Data Room for Microsoft 365

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A secure collaboration repository ensuring data sovereignty, auditing, and content protection

Organizations work with different types of data every day but lack the means to collaborate effectively with sensitive information. Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) have long been used in certain industries for sharing and distribution of highly sensitive information.

Challenges for companies using Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs)

  • Lack of data sovereignty (data must be stored in their cloud)
  • The proliferation of several encryption technologies (DRM)
  • Lack of productivity features offered in Microsoft 365
  • Requires users to learn a solution-specific interface

What is Govern 365 Virtual Data Room?

Govern 365's Virtual Data Rooms for Microsoft 365 protects your sensitive information hosted in your own Microsoft 365 tenant while ensuring data sovereignty. It also leverages Digital Rights Management technology provided by Microsoft Purview.

Govern 365's Virtual Data Room is lean and affordable, offering the essential protection and encryption features that most customers need without all the feature bloat and expensive pricing of many industry-specific alternatives.​

What's there in Govern 365 Data Room?

  • Govern 365 streamlines compliance and security policy enforcement across Microsoft 365 collaboration tools, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and Office 365 groups. This automation ensures that all workspaces consistently meet corporate standards and regulatory requirements, eliminating the need for manual oversight
  • Govern 365 facilitates the implementation of encryption practices and data protection measures across collaborative tools. This is essential for safeguarding sensitive data both at rest and in transit
  • Govern 365 offers detailed control over permissions, ensuring that access to information is restricted according to roles and responsibilities. This reduces the risk of data leaks and unauthorized access, maintaining a secure collaborative environment.
  • Govern 365 provides comprehensive audit trails and detailed reporting capabilities to provide full visibility into the security and usage of collaboration tools. These insights are crucial for ongoing security assessments and demonstrating compliance during audits.

Note: Govern 365 is offered as SaaS on Microsoft 365. To install and configure, you need to have Global Admin Privileges both for a free trial and a full version of Govern 365. Also, a support ticket can be raised within Govern 365 but you need to have Govern 365 application-level admin access to create it. For more information visit